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These days you might be thinking of purchasing a car. But what seems to become hindrance between you and your dream car, is the financial shortage. In such a situation, secured personal car loan can assist you financially to purchase the car. With the help of such loans, borrower can purchase either a used or .

Secured personal car loan [] are approved against collateral. The borrower will have to place collateral against the approval of the loan. Collateral are used which has a value, such as home or any valuable assets. Even the car you intend to buy can also serve the purpose of the loan. The borrower enjoys the right over the car as long as he continues to repay the amount. The lender will take the deal papers of the car and will return them when the loan is completely paid back.

The loan amount in secured personal car loan depends on the value of the car. The borrower can avail more amount than the price of the car if the collateral used has a higher value. The loan amount also depends upon the type of car which the borrower is applying for, whether it is used or a new car.

As the borrower is providing collateral to the lender in secured personal Online Car Loans, so he derives the benefit of paying lower rate of interest. And if the borrowed amount is lower than equity in collateral, lender may even reduce the rate of interest.

The secured personal car loan is offered for larger repayment duration. The larger repayment policy favours the borrower with less monthly payments to pay off the loan.

Secured personal car loan is approved to all sorts of credit holders. CCJs, defaults, bankruptcy and such bad credit holders can also apply for the loan. Putting property as collateral by the borrowers cuts the risk for the lenders substantially.

With the availability of online application process, borrower can get the secured personal car loan in less time and can be an owner of a car. Pay back secured Online Auto Loans instalments regularly can also improve your credit score.